What’s New at Silverton Hotel Casino?

silverton hotel casino las vegas

What’s New at Silverton Hotel Casino?

Silverton Hotel Casino Las Vegas is the best destination in Las Vegas. With thrilling live entertainment, world-class dining and unparalleled sports betting options, Silverton is an ideal place to unwind with friends and family. In addition to the impressive events that the hotel offers, Silverton offers fun and excitement for everyone. The hotel’s recreational facilities include five golf courses, a discotheque, a water park, two tennis courts, a fitness center, an art gallery, a health club and a restaurant.

Located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, Silverton is easy to reach by using the famous Las Vegas Strip. The Silverton Hotel Casino Las Vegas features exceptional atmosphere and superb entertainment. In addition to the thrilling live entertainment offered by the Silverton Entertainment Group, visitors can enjoy quality dining and shopping at any of the many eateries and shops around the casino.

Guests can enjoy the presence of luxury poolside accommodations at Silverton Casino Resort and Casino. Silverton offers five luxurious poolside suites with beautiful views of the valley, lush gardens and terraces. Guests can enjoy the relaxation and comfort of the Silverton suite suites during a quiet night or busy day.

Relax and enjoy yourself at the Silverton Spa and Turquoise Spa, where you can indulge in luxurious infinity poolside retreats. For those who enjoy a romantic getaway, the Silverton Room at Silverton Hotel Casino has fully equipped with Jacuzzi and even has a full size mirror on each side of the bed. The Silverton Spa at Silverton Hotel Casino features a variety of massage treatments and spas, including hydrotherapy, reflexology, personal massagers and hot stone massagers.

With more than 40 casinos in the Las Vegas area, the Silverton Entertainment Group offers great entertainment for guests who like live entertainment. Guests at the Silverton Hotel Casino can enjoy top entertainment from high-tech video equipment to the top-selling bands. With the Silverton Theatre, a mini-theatre, shows are chosen with the needs of the guests in mind, so you can find a show suited to your desires.

Silverton’s cuisine at the Silverton Hotel Casino offers an exciting selection of cuisine served in the authentic French cuisine style. Whether you are looking for delicious French classics like gourmet pasta, smoked salmon, beef stroganoff, Wagyu beef, filet mignon, foie gras, oysters Rockefeller and Alaska King, or you’re looking for new flavors, you can find it at Silverton. The five-star restaurant, The Dining Room at Silverton Hotel Casino offers an extensive menu featuring items like steaks, seafood, pizza, burgers, chicken dishes, fresh salads, soups, quiches and other entrees. A Prix fixe dinner is also available.

For a healthy and exciting sports bet, you can bet at the sleek and modern Baccarat Cardroom located on the lobby level. The casino boasts of the latest technology to bring you high-speed Internet access and a sports book that allow you to enjoy exciting sports betting. It offers all of the excitement of live sports action and also provides you with special advantages such as real-time racing lines, after the races, odds and payouts.

With a wide array of locations in Las Vegas, Silverton Hotel Casino offers fantastic gambling opportunities for all types of gambling enthusiasts. With some of the best gambling and entertainment available anywhere, Silverton Hotel Casino is the perfect choice for entertainment, relaxation and convenience. Make sure you plan your Vegas stay at Silverton Hotel Casino.