Silverton Casino Hotel Las Vegas

Silverton Casino Hotel Las Vegas is a perfect choice for your next business trip. Here you can enjoy the service and comfort of luxury accommodations, with the amenities and entertainment of a world class resort. If you’re seeking professional sportsbook, a fitness center, top end customer service and traditional Vegas comfort you can find it at Silverton.

silverton casino hotel las vegas

The Silverton Hotel & Casino is a perfect getaway that provides the ultimate in luxury accommodations and full-service casino gaming. Located just minutes from the Vegas Strip and the world famous McCarran International Airport, this Las Vegas hotel is just a short drive away. Situated on the Vegas Strip near the popular Strip District, this hotel and casino offer unique and fascinating entertainment and attractions to all travelers.

A premier destination for business travelers, the Silverton Hotel & Casino has been designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and luxury. Included in the resort’s many attractions are numerous restaurants, spas, meeting facilities, lounges, and hot tubs. Indulge in world class dining at one of the luxurious restaurants located within the resort. Or indulge in the best fine dining at the Bistro Club.

Additionally, the Silverton is just a short drive from popular Las Vegas attractions such as the Las Vegas Convention Center, UNLV, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Loews, MGM Grand, and many more. This gives business travelers an opportunity to spend time exploring these casinos and shopping attractions. Alternatively, you can take a relaxing dip in one of the poolside pools located on the Las Vegas Strip or purchase some scrumptious food at the Seven Corners Market. There are so many activities available for all ages, including golf, horseback riding, wine tasting, and other recreational activities.

Of course, if you’re not traveling to Las Vegas, but seeking relaxation from the comfort of your home, there are also accommodations available in the Silverton Hotel & Casino. One example is the five-bedroom Golden Elegance Suite. This suite provides standard amenities and includes a private living room, bathroom, formal dining room, and a breakfast bar.

No matter what you are seeking, you can find it at the Silverton Casino Hotel Las Vegas. For those that prefer a relaxing resort experience, there are the Garden Room and Poolside, two suites with their own private Jacuzzi. You can also enjoy some of the outdoor activities at the Silverton RV Park and toil away your weekends in the fitness center.

Those who prefer a more dynamic casino environment can explore the Silverton Las Vegas Casino Resort. This magnificent casino is sure to be a great way to celebrate a birthday, graduation, anniversary, anniversary party, or corporate event. The Silverton also offers exciting amenities such as Las Vegas’ first Fitness center, open gym, fitness classes, and professional training for many of the world’s most famous trainers.

When you are looking for a place to stay, if you’re a business traveler, or if you want to visit the Las Vegas area, you cannot go wrong with Silverton, Nevada. Stay in comfort and style at the Silverton Casino Hotel Las Vegas.