The Silverton Casino Hall In Las Vegas, Nevada

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The Silverton Casino Hall In Las Vegas, Nevada

When one thinks of Las Vegas, a little bit of silverton casino located in the desert might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Silverton casino was the largest gambling halls in the world until it was closed down for good when the center of the city was moved to the desert to make way for the Clark County city limits.

When this happened, many of the buildings were relocated to Nevada and the historical location was forgotten. Silverton casino was part of an old hotel complex, which included a Doric building with a steeple and was known as the Saloon Building.

At one time the casino hall was the main entertainment area and was the location for all the events held at the Las Vegas hotel. The Doric building was meant to be the home of a resort that would cater to the social gatherings of the night and the massive auditorium was meant to host concerts.

However, the domes would not be able to bear the pressure of noise produced by the large crowds in the arena so they were taken out and put into storage. The large lobby was meant to be the lobby for the residents of Silverton and its restaurant. As a result, the hotel closed down for a long time.

In order to get rid of the noise, the large columns were taken down and the construction equipment of the hotel was left in the lobby area. As time passed, the Doric building was demolished and only the tower is still standing today.

In some cases, the hotel can be found in an abandoned state, but the historical and clean environment is enough for locals to want to return to Silverton. After all, the city holds the highest number of slot machines per square meter compared to all other casinos. The hotels that are located in Silverton casinos on the Nevada side of the Las Vegas strip have not always been closed down. The two that are still open are owned by the Wells Fargo bank that owns many other properties around the world.

When it is time for Silverton casino to reopen, it will be up to the Nevada State Gaming Commission to allow the casino hall to open again. Until then, the casinos on the Nevada side of the Strip have a very busy life.